Collection: Jee Eun Lee

Artist Statement

In recent years I have focused on exploring through sculpture how nature influences my sense of self, which for me feels similar to searching for the fundamental truths of nature. Nature is mysterious. It creates in me a sense of awe for the universe while urging me to reconsider the meaning of life and to be more self-aware.

I am interested in making a wide range of relationships between nature imagery/symbols and human experiences such as memory, movement, time, and encounters with life and death. I believe that these elements have provided protection, strength, and sustenance throughout our evolution and existence, and a magical connection to nature.

Drift Series: A dream within a dream, I wanted to capture a calm, serene moment or a moment of meditation during our chaotic time. All the drift series were created during the coronavirus pandemic. I watched the news every day and had the feeling of being surrounded by death. Reflecting on the struggles of people around the world, I began to construct gray figures with closed eyes, suggesting a dreamlike, meditative, or sleeping state. They are slowly drifting down a river or flowing with the current.

I used a grayscale tone with underglaze and oxides to symbolize the “shadow” of our lives and the ephemeral qualities of time and human life. I wanted to express the human figure as a representation of the soul and memories, and I consider the figures to be images of myself formally and metaphorically. It is a snapshot of our life journey. With this series of works, I wanted to create a space for viewers to reflect on their own quiet reveries from this chaotic time.